Why You Should Consider A Barrel Dog House for Your Furry Friend

Looking for a dog house? If you want a great dog house that is cozy yet spacious, well built and unique you should try a barrel dog house. They look great, keep the dog off of the ground especially in the winter weather, take up less room then a square dog house and they are easier to wash without sharp corners.

A barrel dog house can be made from old plastic or metal barrels, and even old  wooden  wine barrels. After you have measured your dog and the size of the barrel to make sure it is not too small,  you can get started and make your barrel dog house yourself or order one on line. If you choose to construct one yourself, you will need a clean, dry, preferably 55-gallon barrel, some blocks to support it, some bolts and a way to cut a hole in one end of the barrel. As well, you will need a file to smoothen any rough edges of the hole you have cut, and a drill to poke some drainage holes in the bottom. Dogs like to lie in shallow round holes that they can snuggle down in and be comfortable, like in their natural habitat. In a barrel dog house they can do just that. For your dog’s bedding, toss in some wood chips, shavings or blankets to cover the bottom of the barrel.

You will need to make sure the barrel you use did not contain any harmful chemicals or products and try to use one that held non toxic items like water, juice or pickles. Power wash the barrel and make sure it is absolutely clear of the original product it held and the detergents you used to clean it as well. Proper ventilation is a must to make sure the dog can breathe adequately.  Blue prints are available if you want to use them to help you along the way in making the barrel dog house.

You can also just simply buy or order a pre made barrel dog house. A crafted barrel dog house will cost you much more than if you make one yourself but it will be designer perfect with lots of little extras and perks. Many manufactured ones are made with knotty pine or cedar. They tend to be built on the large side and have spacious rooms and very clean finishes and lines. Many come with little porches and roofs that overhang the entrance to keep your dog out of the rain. This type of dog house is very convenient because it is portable and will come apart for packing. Cleaning is a snap because the water just seeps through the boards and a simple garden hosing-down will cover the inside sufficiently. These barrel dog houses have been treated so that they can stand up to all types of weather and wear. They are easy to assemble and are not made with any nails or screws making them completely safe for your dog.

Whether you make your own or buy one, you can have a great barrel dog house that is made to last, in a design that is unique and comfortable for your dog. If you make your own you will get the best deal for your buck because many times obtaining a barrel is free! People throw them out all the time. Never again will you have to lug some huge awkward dog house around. A barrel dog house is made to accommodate the needs of both the dog and its owner.


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