Why Use a Plastic Dog Kennel?

In the past when dogs still ran wild they used to try and find a den to spend their nights.  The den was generally an enclosed space with only one entrance which could be guarded by one of the pack.  This way the rest of the dogs felt secure and knew that they couldn’t be attacked without prior warning.

Dog houses are the modern day equivalent of a den, providing a safe place for your pet to go when he needs some rest or a bit of peace and quiet.  Though most kennels are sited outside it is becoming more and more common to have one indoors too so that the family pet has a place of his own.

A plastic dog kennel is the most popular option for an indoor dog house for a variety of reasons.  The first being that they are very light and so you can transfer them from room to room as needed if, for example, you have people visiting and need to make some extra space in the room where it is normally housed.  Secondly, plastic is renowned for being easy to keep clean.  Its smooth surfaces are easy to wipe down and a quick spray of anti-bacterial cleaner will soon kill all germs and bacteria.  Finally, plastic dog kennels are relatively cheap due to being so easy to mass produce and so every family can afford one.  Not only that but they come in a huge range of colours, sizes and styles to suit every taste.

Think carefully about where you are going to site your kennel.  Away from the noisiest parts of the house and where the children can’t annoy a sleeping dog is ideal.  The entrance should also have a good view of the room that the kennel is in so that the dog feels like he is on guard.

So, if you want your dog to feel safe, secure and happy, buy him a plastic kennel.

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