Why is the Cassowary the Deadliest Bird?

The large flightless Cassowary looks like a turkey that has stepped out of the days of the Saber-Toothed Tiger. This bird looks harmless as it eats fruits and berries  Yet the Cassowary is by far the deadliest and most aggressive bird on the planet earth.

You may be scratching your head wondering why. It looks like it couldn’t hurt a flea. There must be dozens on deadlier birds than this. Look at eagles, hawks and owls. They are carnivores and have sharp talons and hooked beaks. They should be at the number one spot to win the deadliest birds.

Hawks, eagles and owls, though not the deadliest birds, are nothing to mess with. They dive at people to run them off from their nest. They haven’t killed anyone, though they could with those wicked talons. Raptors aren’t interested in killing people, though if they were, they’d be a menace. You have more to worry about with an angry father swan defending his nest than raptors.

Vultures would be another one of the deadliest birds on the planet with those claws and beaks. Yet they would rather wait until their meal is dead before attacking it. They have been known to attack people but that’s rare.

What makes the Cassowary the deadliest bird?

This bird is very aggressive when defending its nest. The female mates with the male, lays her eggs and leaves when that task is done. She goes off to mate with another male. He’s left with the care of the eggs. He keeps them warm, tends to the nest and then when they hatch, he protects them and shows them what to eat. He’s a caring parent.

Tending the nest, laying on the eggs and rearing the chicks makes him aggressive. He will fight to protect them – from anything.

This is why he will race up to danger, leap in the air and slash out with his claws. He can kill a man. They’ve been known to kill humans that invade their territory. Once the danger is gone, off he goes about protecting his chicks.

The Cassowary is related to Ostriches and Emus.

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