When to start feeding your pets with the best kitten food

Cats are one of the most popular animals to have as pets around the house, along with dogs. The emotions present when expecting the arrival of puppies in the house are also present when someone is expecting the arrival of kittens. From birth, they look so cute, fragile, and helpless that even a young child is willing to participate in ensuring that they are well taken care of in the first weeks of infancy.

With the many available pet foods in stores today made by the best known producers of cat food, it gets exciting for a feline owner to finally introduce his pets to kitten food. However, when should we really be feeding our pets with the best kitten food in the market?

Kittens are expected to feed from their mothers during the first four weeks. Most mother cats are not alright with their kittens being taken out of their beddings weeks after birth. Therefore, you should not be forcing yourself or going against the will of the mother cat and pick up its kittens. While the mother cat will do all the work it can make to feed its babies, you have the initial responsibility to feed the mother with the most nutritious kitten food. Raw food that you may have on your dining table last night is never a good alternative since cats can be sensitive to some spices and herbs. Choose kitten food that is chicken-based. As for whether you should go for the dry or canned kitten food, canned ones work best for the mother cats.

When the kittens reach the fifth week that is the time when you can finally introduce kitten food to your two to five kittens. Kittens, since they are still small, can only consume small amounts of kitten food at a time. Dry kitten food is considered as food for treats and not as a full meal. Therefore, they are ideal for kittens as an addition to their diet aside from the milk they get from their mothers.

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