When hedgehog babies are born

A baby hedgehog normally emerges from its mother after 35 to 58 days, depending on the species. Its average litter is 3 to 4 newborns for the large groups while smaller hedgehogs can manage to have 5 or 6 at birth. As they come out their quills are covered with protective membranes which dries after a few hours. They are born blind and then the eyes adjust after a few days.

Hedgehog babies have white spines and they eventually turn brown or cream. Domesticated hoglets are taken care of by making a pen or cage for them to live with some grasses or leaves to make it cozier. They normally try to move on their own at four weeks, and attempt to exhibit its normal behavior of looking for food. They can be fed with all sorts of pet food but seem to have a special preference on chicken-flavored meat-like food. Dairy, raisins, nuts, and fruits may also be provided. As an owner of a hoglet, it is your responsibility to keep your pet from villains and to manage its diet so it can live for as long as 8 to 10 years.

Just as it is devastating for hoglets to be kept in coldest temperatures, so it is as well in the hottest climates. In general therefore, they have to be kept in a warm atmosphere. In the summer months, you might be surprised to see the little mammal lie flat on its back. This is normal as it is only warming its belly which is prone to excessive sweating.

When having a cute baby hedgehog for a pet, it is your obligation to know the basic facts of this nocturnal mammal. They are supposed to be in the wild, which is their native home, and not knowing vital information about hedgehogs can be troublesome. You need to know the dos and the don’ts. Do a lot of research before venturing into the hobby and be adequately prepared to perform your responsibilities.

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