What You Need to Know About Beagle Training

Beagle training can be a challenging task, but it would be a shame if you let this fact stop you from adopting a Beagle. It is not a secret that Beagles can be quite stubborn dogs to train, as they have a tendency to get easily distracted by their surroundings. However, Beagle training does not have to be a difficult process; if you prepare yourself with the right tools and knowledge, training this special breed can be a fun and satisfying bonding activity

To begin, anyone who is considering training their beagle needs to consider what specific obstacles  a Beagle may run into while training, and accept that there are a few things that a beagle will never be able to fully learn. One major issue is the Beagle’s nose, and its need to follow an interesting scent no matter what, meaning that your beagle could easily wander out of an unfenced yard at any time, no matter how well trained he or she is. Another important thing to remember when training a Beagle is that while it is possible to train one to come to you when it is called, they will never be 100% reliable, especially if they are following a scent. For these exact reasons, this breed is not suited for unfenced yards or to be let outside without wearing a leash.

When the time comes to teach your Beagle its first command, you may want to start with something simple and basic, such as “Sit”. Beginning the training process with an easier command will keep both you and your pet motivated, and generate a positive attitude once you succeed, meaning that when the more difficult commands come along, you will not become frustrated or want to give up. The process of training a Beagle to sit is not that much more different or difficult than training any other breed to obey the same command, except for a few things. First off, you should remove as many, if not all, distractions from your training area as possible. These could be toys, other dogs, or any other pets.  Next, you must get your Beagle’s attention by having him or her stand in front of you while you give them a small treat. Now that they are focused on you, command them to “Sit” by saying the word in a firm voice while also using one hand to point to the ground and the other to hold a treat above their head. By repeating this process, your Beagle will pick up on the signals and with a little bit of work, learn the command. Once they complete the command, praise them and deliver the treat!

An important command for your Beagle to learn is the command “Come”.  There are three things you need to keep in mind while training him to obey this command. Firstly, never call for your Beagle to “Come”, for the purpose of giving him a bath, or feeding him medicine. He will begin to have negative associations with the command, making it easy for him to begin ignoring it. Secondly, if your Beagle has begun to ignore the “Come” command, you must assign another word such as “Here” for it when training. Thirdly, do not use the command when you have not yet trained your Beagle to respond to it. He will be confused and begin to ignore the command because he does not understand what you expect from him.

Beagle training may be difficult work, but the rewards are worth it when you are the proud owner of a fit, healthy, happy and relatively obedient Beagle.


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