What To Look For When Your Dog Is Itching But There Are No Fleas

Have you ever seen your dog itching and scratching relentlessly? Your first thought was probably that your dog has fleas. And it very well could be, since fleas are the most common reason dogs get itchy. But it definitely isn’t the only reason your dog scratches. Other common reasons for your dog itching constantly are allergies and mange.

Mange in dogs is more common with young puppies that don’t have a strong immune system, or with older dogs who are undernourished or under some sort of stress that compromises the immune system. Most dogs with a healthy immune system can handle the mites that cause mange, although some healthy can also contract it and need help from your vet to clear it up.

Allergies in dogs are on the rise in the past decade. And what most people don’t realize is that dogs can become allergic to just about anything – just like people. It might be their dog food, a certain pesticide, or even seasonal, like pollens, that could be causing your dog’s problem. Whatever the trigger, the key to helping with dog allergies is a healthier immune system. A strong, healthy immune system is better able to handle a foreign substance and not treat it like an allergen.

And the easiest way to get a stronger immune system is through nutrition. Many commercial dog foods just don’t have quality nutrients that your dog’s body so desperately needs. Many enzymes and essential fatty acids are lost in the processing of the dog food. A switch to a super-premium dog food, such as a holistic, organic, or hypoallergenic dog food, might do wonders for your dog’s overall health and immune system.

If your dog itching but no fleas, allergies could be your dog’s problem. And if you treat the problem by concentrating on nutrition, you will be creating a healthier dog with a stronger immune system that is able to fight off parasites, like mites, as well as allergens, on their own.

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