What To Know In Taking Care Of Sugar Glider Joeys

Sugar Gliders belong to the possum family and very closely resemble flying squirrels because of their size and shape. They are, however, not related to squirrels at all.They are native to the forests of Australia, Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands.

Sugar gliders have long been domesticated and many people have started taking care of these furry creatures as pets in their households. There are also a number of home breeders who mate their adults and put the babies or joeys, as they are called, up for adoption when the time is right. They are naturally social animals and need to have a lot of contact with their owner in order to be socially fulfilled. They crave attention and enjoy playing with their humans and fellow gliders. It is advised that when you decide to take one for a pet you get a pair so that they can keep each other company at night.

There are a lot of things to consider if you decide to have a these cuddly furry creatures as a pet. First, you have to get to know their physical appearance. Most sugar glider joeys will have the common gray backs and cream colored bellies. They will usually grow up to six inches long from its head to the base of its tail. They are made to jump from tree to tree in the wild so do not be surprised if your pet starts jumping on to you. Sugar glider joeys normally do not start jumping until they are about three months out of their mother’s pouches. They take very small jumps at first and will increase the distance as their confidence builds. Your joey’s tail is strong and is mainly used for gliding and maintaining balance. It is not, however, used for the purpose of hanging. They love to play with milk-cap rings and plastic chain links. Be reminded that in no way should you pick your joey up by the tail because they get injured easily.

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