What To Expect From New Puppies

For a new dog owner, there is nothing more exciting and more frustrating than a puppy’s first days in the house. No matter where you look or go, your new puppy is getting into everything and making messes where you thought it was impossible to make a mess. Some dog owners just chalk up this behavior as cute and end up spoiling the puppy; while other owners take a more stern attitude and start immediately issuing orders and trying to discipline their new roommate.

The right behavior to take towards a new puppy is you have to look at them as if they were a newborn child. For the first six months of life, you have to take on the role of a parent and not a master. You have to keep in mind that the dog is not trying to be deliberate in his actions, but is only responding to the interesting world around him. When it comes to puppy training, the dog is still too young for formal obedience training and your job becomes more of an observer than a disciplinarian. You have to try to prevent your new friend from making errors in judgment that will hurt him and to try to teach basic concepts like where to do his business and what his boundaries are in the home.

While treating the puppy like a child, you must also respect the fact that they are still a dog. When it comes to puppy expectations, what behavior might seem cute as a puppy is certainly not always good as an adult dog. Generally, an action that you don’t want the puppy to do as an adult, don’t let him do as a puppy. You don’t want to let the puppy hop on furniture or climb on tables, and if you don’t want them making your bed their bed too, then you need to start crate training or setting aside an area that they can call home.

You have to remember that being a puppy is a time to learn boundaries and to explore their surroundings. Learn to stimulate their growth by taking trips and exposing them to new sights and sounds will help grow them into responsive pets as they begin to enter their next stage of learning.

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