What Power Pet Doors have to offer

If people can have automatic doors that open and close using magnetic swipe cards or voice commands, pets can have power doors too! Pets are adventurous creatures.  They love to stay out and explore the neighborhood.  Most pets enjoy stretching their legs once in a while.  Pet owners do not always have the time to check on their dogs or cats.  Because of this, pet doors were invented.  However, the problem with traditional pet doors is that they are far from selective. Along with your pets, pests can easily enter the house. Furthermore, pet flaps can get easily blown open by strong wind, making it easy for rain, snow, leaves and other stuff to blow into the house.

The advent of automatic power doors for pets was an enormous hit.  Many people prefer power pet doors instead of the conventional pet doors to make it easier for their pets to go in and out of the house without the need for them to manually open the door.  Power pet doors are gaining popularity today because of their advanced technology, convenience and growing affordability.

What are Power Pet Doors?

Power pet doors are electronic doors for pets that automatically open without manual pushing or pressing.  The door opens for your pet alone.  Power pet door makes use of a sensor that will detect the ‘electronic key’ that is fixed to the collar your dog or cat is wearing.  There are also power doors that detect movement, but these are less reliable, as they are not keyed in to a particular animal and may let in strange dogs or cats as well as your own pets.



  • Direction Sensor- Power pet doors open only when your dog or cat is approaching. They run a directional sensor and measure how close your pet is to the door.  They do not open when your pet is randomly wandering around.


  • Convenient Usage- Many people use power pet doors because they are very convenient to install and do not consume too much electricity.  There are even automatic doors that can be backed up with batteries so anytime the electric power is down, your dog or cat can still go out and play.


  • Magnetic RFID and Infrared– these are tools that can measure how far your pet is from the house.  These tracking devices will alert you whenever your pet is wandering too far from the house.


  • Easy Installation- it is not complicated to install a power pet door.  You can install it in the wall or on your door.  It does not require a big opening and can be installed using plain old screws.


  • Selective access– Since a power pet door is programmed to open only when it senses an electronic ‘key’ worn by your pet on its collar, you can choose to grant outside access to one pet, and deny access to another. As well, if you have a small child at home, there is no danger that it will crawl out through the pet flap, as the door simply will not open.


Your pets will be ecstatic if you give them the freedom to go outdoors on their own schedule, and not on yours.  Of course, your pets will require some training before they can comfortably use the power pet door,  but on the whole, it is definitely worth avoiding the hassle of having to let Rover out at 3 am.


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