Types of coats commonly seen among black bear hamster pictures

When you desire to get yourself a hamster for a pet, you surely would like to take a look at some black bear hamster pictures over the Internet which is the most popular species of pet hamsters. They are descendants of well-bred Syrian hamsters that have undergone black mutation in the 1980’s and were later exported to many parts of the world because they have found to be unique due to the dark color and docile by nature, allowing pet owners to easily train their pets into obedient hamsters.

We now know that the black bear hamster, as the term suggested, is coated with black fur, but with some distinguishing colors to expose its true physique like the pink nose, pink feet, and a white stripe on its belly which extends from the tail to the chin. We know a little that there are coat types among the black Syrian hamsters.

The five coat types are described below:

1.    Hairless. They have no hair on its entire body but have curly whiskers. They are not available in many countries and are not usually ideal as pets. Many are concerned for their increase in population should anyone become irresponsible in breeding them. It is know that hairless mother hamsters are not able to produce milk.

2.    Long-haired. The longer hair result to a fluffier hamster. They are common among male hamsters. The mutation of long-haired hamsters first took place in the USA around 1972.

3.    Rex. The hair coat is curled slightly and is lifted away from the body.

4.    Satin. It has a very shiny appearance, and with the black bear that has a dark fur, it is challenging to distinguish the glossy shine.

5.    Short-haired. This is the common type of coat among the Syrian hamsters and continuous all over the body.

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