Treatment for Canine Arthritis

Canine arthritis is a common degenerative disease that often occurs in dogs older than seven years old. While it is most common in older dogs, canine arthritis can also affect young dogs as well. Arthritis is a disease that can keep the dog from moving and causes aches and pains in the dog’s joints. The worst part about arthritis in dogs is the loss of mobility and function.

There are a number of treatments that you can give your dog to help ease the arthritis:

1.      Exercise: Exercise is one of the natural ways to treat your dog’s arthritis. You can encourage your dog do light exercises to strengthen his muscles and joints and also to improve flexibility. Exercise can also reduce the pain and the severity of the condition as well. Swimming and walking are two of the light exercises that your dog can do regularly.

2.      Diet and Weight Control: It can be helpful if your dog is on an anti-inflammatory diet. There are some foods that he might be eating that can promote inflammation. Diet can also be helpful in controlling his eating so that he can lose excess weight. Any extra weight that your dog has can add extra pressure to the joints that have to carry your dog’s weight.

3.      Acupuncture: Your dog can also feel relief from pain caused by arthritis with this alternative treatment method.

4.      Medications: Canine arthritis is commonly treated using prescription medications. NSAIDs are common medications prescribed for canine arthritis as well as arthritis in humans. NSAIDs manage pain and can help increase mobility and slow the progression of arthritis. The downside is that all NSAIDs have side effects that should be considered before giving these to your dog. Over the counter dog arthritis supplement formulas can also help. Look for a glucosamine chondroitin dogs formula that can be used instead of medications or alongside prescribed mediations.

5.      Surgery: If your dog has undergone all of these above treatments and there is still no improvement in his condition, he might be helped by surgery.

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