Training Akita Puppies

Akita puppies are the cutest, most adorable, bear-like dogs you can find. They are soft, regal and smart.

That said, training Akita puppies is easier than training adult dogs. They wont stay this small forever, so it’s important to take advantage of their naivete and innocence (not to mention their lack of strength).

While they’ll still be cute and adorable when they grow up, they won’t be as pliable. They’ll also be stronger, more set in their ways and much more stubborn.

You can start your training early, first by potty training your Akita. Once you get through that little hurdle (after a few weeks), you’ll be set to tackle more advanced (for puppies) training.

Be patient with your little furball. Akitas are naturally headstrong and will often do as they please. That’s why it’s essential to get a collar and leash and teach the young pup that you are in charge.

It’s much easier to teach a ten-pound puppy than a hundred-pound dog.

You will find that it is essential that you be consistent with your training. Do not let the pup “get away” with not obeying you.

You don’t need to hurt the dog or be harsh with it, but Akitas only understand one thing: dominance. If you’re unsure about the best way to deal with Akita dominance, search around the Internet for articles and read forums.

Training an Akita is not like training other dogs. There are similarities, yes, but each dog has its own quirks. Also, as adorable and cuddly as they look, Akitas do not make good first-time dogs.

If this is your first dog, look into puppy-training obedience schools so that you can start your dog ownership on the right track.

While Akitas are good guard dogs, they will not bark at every little noise they hear. The rule of thumb (or paw) is if your Akita is barking, check it out.

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