Tips on German Shepherd Training

German Shepherds are by nature aggressive and dominant.  They belong to the group of Alpha Dogs.  They are stubborn and very smart.  Still, an alpha dog can be as sweet, affectionate  and loving as any other kind of dog.  They can be very submissive and gentle and most of all- they can be the most loyal friend you’ll ever have.  All you need to do is train them.


Training German Shepherds involves a lot of work and patience.  You can hire a professional dog trainer to be sure your dog will be the kind of pet you want.  Still, knowing the basics in German shepherd training is a definite advantage. Nothing would be better than taking part in training your own dog. You can learn many tricks that you may want to teach your German shepherd.  But first, you need to know what makes German shepherds and any other kind of dog obedient.


Basic Principle – Commendation


German shepherd training lies on one simple concept- commendation.  This holds true for all other dogs as well.  The idea is to commend your dog for every trick or good thing he does.  Praise him and give him treats for everything he does well.  At the same time, you need to straighten out any bad habits your dog may have.  Be consistent in this routine.  You may start with easy tricks.  While training your German shepherd, be sure to have some treats with you.  Dogs are affectionate and they need lots of attention and praise.


Establish Leadership


Alpha dogs are leaders in nature so it will be hard to establish that you are the leader to your German shepherd.  Never spoil your dog if you want him to behave properly at all times, especially in public.  There will come a point in the training that your pet will exhaust you and will shake your composure, for example when he ignores orders, or forgets the tricks he has already learned.  Again, commendation and appropriate punishment applies.  Untamed Alpha dogs are not recommended, especially if you have small children.


The Earlier the Better


German shepherd puppies are much easier to train than adult dogs as the latter have already established their own habits and their behaviour is already set.  If you are planning to train your German shepherd, train him as early as possible.  It’s easier to structure his habits and mannerisms when he is still young.


Give him Rest and Quality Time


Endless German shepherd training can stress your dog.  When he is stressed, he is susceptible to different kinds of health problems.  Make sure to provide your dog with the right vitamins and supplements.  Bring him to the vet for regular checkups.  A healthy dog can easily learn many things.  It is important that his environment is safe and clean.  You must also observe proper grooming for your German shepherd..


After a heavy training session, you will want to spend some quality time with your dog.  He needs love and care just like any other pet.  Dogs are the most loyal animals in the world and are constantly longing for attention from their masters.



  1. Not every shepherd turns out to be an alpha dog and I would also argue that the GSD’s are NOT aggressive and dominant by nature. But you are right, it depends a lot on proper ownership.

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