Tips for Buying Baby Hedgehogs for Sale

In the purchase of baby hedgehogs for sale, it must be made known that you may bring your pet to your home provided that it is at least 6 weeks old. Getting a hoglet for a pet before it turns into an adult is way much better than buying an older one because the younger ones will have enough time to bond with you more.

It is no doubt that cute baby hedgehogs can make your day brighter as soon as you get up in the morning. Yet, how do you really assess which among the baby hedgehogs for sale at the pet store is ideal to take home?

It is important to note that the hedgehog must not have a running nose and it has to be clean. Check as well other body parts. The ice must be round, wide open, bright and without any discharge.  The ears must also be clean, without discharges or crustiness, and needs to be short. The fur on its stomach should be soft. As with the spines, make sure that there aren’t any bare spots. An unhealthy hedgehog is characterized by some bare spots which may be due to fleas or mites.  Don’t choose a hedgehog that’s fat, and this can be seen on one that does not have plumps on its body. Check also how the mammal walks on a flat surface. An unhealthy hedgehog has difficulty standing upright and often wobbles.

In addition to purchasing your hedgehog pet, you will need to provide it with other equipments such as bedding, food bowl, water bottle, hiding place, litter box, and some toys on top of its cage that has to be tall and slippery (like something made of glass) so it won’t easily climb over.

When attempting to care for a single or multiple hoglets, make sure you did all sorts of research needed in providing a home. Better yet, ask for advice from your breeder, and you will surely know firsthand plus personal instructions on how to go about with this new hobby.

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