Three Traits That Illustrate The Downside To Owning A Yorkshire Terrier

While the Yorkshire terrier is a great dog to own, it does present problems as well.  As with anything else in this life, it has its pros and cons.  The pros far outweigh the cons and with a little effort on your part, most of the bad stuff can be dealt with fairly easily.  It is a matter of due diligence, however and you cannot afford to let your guard down in some cases.  Here are three of the cons that come with buying Yorkie puppies for sale.

  • Not A Great Dog With Small Children
  • Too Brave For Their Own Good
  • High Maintenance Coats

No Small Children Please

If you have older children, the Yorkie puppies for sale that you picked up will have a wonderful life.  I say puppies because it is better to buy them in twos if you do spend time away from the house.  Yorkies get lonely very easily and it is nice to have a live in companion for them.  Smaller children could and probably would accidentally injure or even kill a young Yorkie.  Their bones are very fragile and small children are just too unpredictable for your Yorkie to figure out.

Not Dumb Just Too Brave

You have to watch the Teacup Yorkie puppies for sale that you buy around other dogs because the tiny Yorkie is apt to pick a fight with the biggest dog in the hood.  In fact, the Yorkie will very rarely roll over and expose its belly, something that dogs do to show other dogs they are submissive and will not fight.  Yorkies are just too brave for their own good and cannot be out without a leash.

Hair tastes bad

Yorkie puppies for sale in Michigan, for instance, are becoming more commonplace everyday.  The folks there know that if the Yorkie has two problems that take a lot of care and maintenance, it is their hair and their teeth.  You have to brush your Yorkie every other day to keep their coat in shape.  You also need to cut the hair around their face and ears so they can eat or bow it back for them.  The Yorkie is also prone to overcrowding of teeth in their small mouths, which can lead to plaque and gum disease if you do not brush them every day and provide the kind of chew snacks that help prevent it.  The Teacup Yorkies for sale everywhere are fast becoming America’s most popular dog.

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