Three Benefits of using Litter Box Furniture

Litter box furniture is one of the most expensive types of litter box on the market however I love to buy them for my cats and my cats love them too. Read on for the main reasons why.

My living accommodation is somewhat limited for space so I find that having a hidden litter box provides my cat with privacy that he wouldn’t have without it. There is no specific area within my home that I could place an open litter box that was private enough. I did initially start out with open boxes but my cats just refused to use them. In my first years of having cats I could never understand why this would be, until I learnt that cats expect privacy for such matters.

Litter box furniture is designed to blend in with your furnishings, so whenever I have guests around they rarely even realize what it actually is as it looks more like a cabinet than anything else. Nowadays there are so many different choices of color to choose from it would be difficult to not be able to find one closely matching existing furnishings. They are also much less of an eyesore as all the waste is contained within, which means that odors are also contained.

Any cat owners out there will already know that cats like to scatter the litter all over the floor in an attempt to clean up their mess, which invariably gets walked throughout the house by both cats and humans alike. Litter box furniture is great in this respect as minimal litter gets scattered in the process as it is all contained within the box itself.

Even though they are by far a more expensive option than open litter boxes, I will never go back to buying open boxes, and more to the point I don’t think my cats would ever use them, even if I tried.

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