The most common breeds of teacup kittens for sale

When you have decided on having a small-sized kitten to accompany you at home and somehow ease out the stress you have upon arriving from work, you may be presented with a dilemma of which breed to choose from. As soon as you arrive at a pet shop, you will immediately see differing looks of cats and kittens. Teacup kittens are miniature kittens that resulted from cross-breeding through intentional dwarfism of the cats through mutations.  When they mature and get older, the maximum weight they will only have is 5 pounds. Sadly, if you have not acquired enough knowledge on the physical attributes of the teacup kittens, you might be fooled for buying a small kitten but not the teacup type.

Some of the most common teacup kittens for sale that you will encounter among catteries and pet stores locally or through online are as follows:

Napoleon teacup kittens are a cross-breed between the Persian and the Munchkin. It has big eyes, short stubby legs, long silky fur and a beautifully colored coat. Lambkin teacup kittens are a cross-breed between the Munchkin and Selkirk Rex. They have furs that look curly and a coat that is absolutely soft to touch. They are known to be among the latest breeds of miniature cats to be introduced. MiniPer teacup kittens are smaller versions of the Persian kittens. MIniPaw teacup kittens are quite similar to the MiniPers, only that they have extremely short legs.

When buying teacup kittens for sale, you have to make sure that the pet shop or breeder that sells you the kittens can provide you a Health Certificate which proves that the kittens are free from diseases. Demand also for a signed contract that guarantees you the kittens are free from congenital defects. Within 72 hours from purchase have them checked by your veterinarian. Booster shots need to be given to the kittens after a year.

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