The Importance of Size and Height for a Wire Hamster Cage

If you’re planning to buy a wire cage with a plastic base for your hamster, two important considerations are the overall size and height of the cage you buy.

Overall Size

One thing you should remember when buying a wire hamster cage is that hamsters need a lot of space to run around and do their stuff. If the cage is too small, the hamster will likely get bored since it won’t have the room it needs to get its regular exercise. Ordinarily, the wire hamster cage should measure at least 12 inches deep and 24 inches long (61 by 30.5 cm).

Along with your hamster, the cage also has to be able to hold your pet’s food bowl, its toys, its water bottle, and an exercise wheel. You also have to consider additional room for his or her bedding which will be used for digging around, a sleeping area, and a bathroom. If you want to keep your hamsters happy, better give them enough space to happily do their own thing or else they’ll grow tired of their surroundings, which may lead to your hamster trying to escape more often.

Some creative pet owners have even conceived of the idea of purchasing two small wire cages, then connecting them together with hamster tubes using an adapter kit. The result is a happier, more eager hamster that does a lot of running and moving between the two cages.


Hamster cages are available as a single story. But two or three story heights are also available. Most hamsters especially like climbing and busily poking their noses around inside their wire cages. They like clambering up the sides and around the wire bars. Some will even attempt to reach the top of the cage, even if it’s two or even three stories high. Hamsters, however, are not immune to the occasional fall or slip, even if they do act like they’re invincible and immune to pain. And if your pet loves to climb the top of the cage and falls, it can easily get hurt.

Because of this danger and as a necessary precaution, if you have a two or three story hamster cage, be sure to put ladders or ramps around the cage. That way, your hamster can climb to the top height easily and without the danger of falling. You may even use a hamster climbing tube so your hamster can move and play around its tall wire cage.

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