The importance of guinea pig runs

Guinea pig runs are an integral part of a guinea pig’s day because they are biologically in need of regular exercise. Unlike other species of rodents, their bodies need constant motion to resist illnesses common in their species when not provided with a habitat that allows them to hop, jump, climb and run. When deciding to have a guinea pig for a pet, don’t settle on one guinea pig. Have a pair or more because guinea pigs easily get stressed and depressed when left all alone as they are very sociable animals. It is unhealthy for their physical and emotional well-being when they do not have the company of fellow guinea pigs. They are also safe and in harmony when housed with other guinea pigs.

You may have a bungalow type of cage which has a wide area for the guinea pig to play around. The main idea here is to make the pen accessible to exercise as much as possible. You will need to create a little obstacle course to keep them active, healthy and fit. Many people often make the mistake of buying a small cage and one guinea pig. Sooner, they will find their sole pet sick or dying on the cage, and they will conclude that the guinea pig is a sensitive pet. Compared with other rodents, guinea pigs need extra attention so it is very important to understand their scientific make-up to be aware on how to properly care for them and avoid sudden deaths.

It is also a wise idea to have a two-level playpen for your guinea pigs. The top part can be their housing area, and the bottom part is the play area. Connect the two levels with an inclined plane that the piggy can pass through to go up and down his little house.

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