The Haflinger As Companion Horse

Plenty of horse owners have faced the challenge of finding a companion for a single horse. Maybe you had several horses and one of them died or had to be moved to a new pasture or barn. Maybe you were boarding and now you are able to keep your horse closer to home. If you are looking for an easy companion, consider a Haflinger.

Haflingers are a sturdy and steady breed of horse. In fact, they combine a lot of the ideal traits of the larger draft horses into one compact and strong package. While they are good for many things – working, trail riding, serving as a lesson horse – one of the more unappreciated aspects of their personality is their ability to be a great herd horse.

Horses are by nature herd animals. A horse alone is going to be a bit more tense than one with at least one friend. They rely on each other to keep an eye out for danger, to help with grooming, to find choice grass, and simply to communicate with. A lot of people don’t realize the degree to which – largely through body language – horses are in constant communication. When they’re alone, they are not at their best.

But horses can be picky, too. And that’s where Haflingers come in. Given their essentially mild nature, they can easily assimilate with a broad range of horses and horse personalities. They’re not likely to get into spats over food or water or territory. They don’t need to be the proverbial boss horse. You won’t need to spend hours mediating while the horses try to negotiate who is in charge and how is the follower.

Most importantly, they can provide a lonely horse with the companionship and socialization that they need to be fully healthy and happy. Haflingers can do this like few other horse breeds.

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