The differences between dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters

In the world of hamsters, the two most common species to be made as pets are the Syrian hamsters and dwarf hamsters. It is important that you get some basic knowledge on these pets before deciding to buy one. Buying just for the reason of getting a pet, or because you find them very cute and attractive to display at your home may be detrimental, as these tiny and sensitive pets also need to be well taken care of and pampered. There really is no significantly differing characteristic between the two species, but if you are confused as to which among two you are going to purchase as a pet, here are some basic comparisons that will surely guide you through this dilemma.

The dwarf hamster is usually 3 to 4 inches in length. They do not get longer than that. One identifying feature is the dorsal stripe which runs from the head down to the tail. They have fewer colors than the Syrian, are more active, and unfortunately become wild when not hand-tamed. It is therefore necessary to stroke them every once in a while but not too often that might stress them.

The Syrian on the other hand, can be 6 to 8 inches long. They vary in colors and they may be short-haired or long-haired. They do not need too much cuddling or stroking, although you both will have a good relationship when you talk to it, because they are natural loners.

One factor that you may consider in deciding which of the two is better for a pet, it will depend on you. Say for example, you want one pet only, go for the Syrian. The Syrian is not safe to place with another hamster because they will fight. If on the other hand, you want multiple pets in one cage, go for the dwarf hamsters. As long as they were introduced as babies, they can safely interact in peace together.

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