The Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher: A Great Solution to Your Cat’s Scratching Problem

Cats’ claws continuously grow throughout their natural lives. Occasionally, the base of each nail gets covered in a rough casing. This usually causes great discomfort to the feline. Scratching is a cat’s natural method of removing the rough covering on its claws, thus filing them down. The second reason cats scratch is to mark their territory. Cats have sweat glands in between their paw pads, and scratching an object leaves their scent on that object, marking it as ‘theirs’. It is normal for a cat in the wild to scratch trees or logs, but it can be quite frustrating when your pet cat begins to take out its discomfort on your expensive furniture.

Some cat owners take the de-clawing route which is extremely inhumane, as it involves the amputation of the first joint of a cat’s toes. Contrary to popular assumption, declawing is not the same as trimming fingernails on a human. If you go this route, you are most likely to invite bigger problems than scratching. A declawed cat loses its balance, feels helpless, and develops an aversion to scratching even in the litter box, due to pain, which means it will begin looking for other places to relieve itself.


Most cat owners acquire cat scratchers for their feline friend in order to rescue their furniture. The Cosmic Cat Company has designed a safe and effective alpine cat scratcher.  Cosmic scratchers are accompanied by catnip to attract your cat. Catnip is the common name for a unique herb of the mint family that is native to Europe but is now prolific in the United States and other countries. Catnip, when given to the right cat, can cause an amazing reaction. Since it was introduced to the cats of America, Cosmic Catnip has become the standard by which all other brands are judged.

This cardboard cat scratcher is inclined at an ideal angle for scratching and stretching and has all the bells and whistles for your cat’s pleasure, not only to relieve his scratching instinct, but also for hours of cat filled fun.

With its slanted design, reversible sides for double scratching life and a carpet-covered mouse, cleverly hidden in a hole in the side, the Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher is the answer to every cat’s dreams. Cat owners never have to worry about either their furniture being ripped to shreds or their feline being bored. The cosmic catnip alpine scratcher is made of “corrigate”, a very durable cardboard with holes spaced throughout it, which is ideal for your cats claws and also helps to detract the pet from carpets, couches and rugs. Cardboard has long been recommended as an economical scratcher .This material has a natural feel for the cat and it will not do damage to their claws.

The Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher is designed so it takes up little space in your home. Cosmic catnip scratching pads are also sold separately, as replacements for when your pet wears out the original reversible scratching pad.

Customer Satisfaction

Some consumers are initially a bit skeptical when about the effectiveness of the cosmic catnip alpine scratcher. However, there are tons of rave reviews of the product online. Its durability is the most appreciated feature as it prevents the consumer from having to purchase multiple scratchers in a short period of time. The replacement pads, which come with enclosed catnip, are inexpensive as well. And to top it all off your cat is happy, and so are you! Investing in the Cosmic Catnip Alpine Scratcher could be what you need to save your relationship with your pet, as well as your pet’s relationship with your furniture.


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