The Charm Of The Leucistic Sugar Glider

Owning a small, cuddly animal is a dream of every pet lover. There is no denying the emotional attachment to one’s pet, and the ability to bring or even carry them around in a pocket holds a great appeal. The leucistic sugar glider is one such pet. It is a small marsupial found in Australia and New Guinea which has an unusual coloration due to its genes.   This color holds it in great demand, and the small cuddly shape earned it a place among the so-called pocket pets.

The main appeal of this animal, apart from other gliders, is obviously its color. The term leucistic  is actually a condition of reduced coloration, and it translates to the animal having black eyes and a white or faintly yellowish body. This rare color is a recessive trait, which means that the sugar glider has to inherit the trait from both its parents in order for the color to manifest. Whether it’s the rarity or the genes, the white body and black eyes look striking in this animal, and is the main reason why the breed costs a lot.

The second appeal of the leucistic glider is in its size. It is similar to a squirrel, only with a longer, prehensile, or mobile tail. Having this configuration, it is able to manipulate foodstuffs easily in its paws or grab some objects with its tail. The general appeal of its look, as well as its antics, makes the animal very fun to watch for many people.

The third appeal of this glider is in its disposition. These animals are known to bond well with humans, and to appreciate the attention and feeding given to them. They then become cuddly to their owners after a while, making them very affectionate pets.

Pet lovers who want small, rare and cuddly animals would do well to consider the leucistic sugar glider. They are relatively tame to bring around the mall and display to one’s friends. A furry white animal with black eyes and affectionate behavior is a sure charmer. So if the idea of a pocket pet sounds appealing, this white glider is the best choice.

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