The Cat Genie Self Flushing Litter Box

Rest easy cat owners, thanks to the Cat Genie Self Flushing Litter Box, the end of smelly poop-scooping has arrived! As a matter of fact, so has the end of expensive litter replacing because the Cat Genie litter box only uses special Cat Genie reusable, biodegradable litter. It only needs occasional refilling as the full level lowers over time! The Cat Genie 120 is by far the most superior automatic cat box on the market and it’s patented self cleaning, self flushing technology makes it the only one of it’s kind!

Simply hook your new Cat Genie to a water source such as a toilet or washing machine; fill it up and set it to either clean itself after each use or set it to clean at a certain time, or times, of day. After that, your cat, and your Cat Genie do the rest of the work!

Each cleaning cycle consists of the automatic scooping arm removing solid waste and depositing it into an area of the box where it will then be turned into liquid. The reusable special Cat Genie litter will then be washed clean and the water will remove everything as it’s flushed away. When it’s all cleaned it’s then sanitized with a special SaniSolution made specifically for the Cat Genie 120 and everything will completely dried and ready for the next use. The whole process takes about thirty minutes from start to end.

Just think of it, no more dirty, dusty litter. No more mess for your cat to maneruver through when he or she is ready to use the box. Just clean, sanitized, fresh litter every time! And if your cat is a little on the shy time or just prefers complete privacy, be sure to order the Cat Genie Dome which will provide all the privacy he or she needs. If your furry feline is just too large to fit (anything larger than small to average) into the dome then be sure to order the Cat Genie Side Walls to help keep overly enthusiastic diggers from kicking out litter so there’s less sweeping up for you to do!

The Cat Genie 120 is the ultimate litter box for both kitties and their owners! There are many positive Cat Genie reviews documenting this! Order yours today and stop the scooping!

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