Techniques to apply in getting your pet dog accustomed to the HALTI dog collar

The HALTI dog collar is a revolutionary device that belongs to the category of training collars which works to gently apply control over a dog’s head to keep it from pulling away from its owner when taken out for a walk; it is also used to train a dog into getting adapted to certain behaviors for shows and events. It is a good product that has been embraced as well by many dog experts due in part to the fact that it was created and designed by the founding father of animal behavior therapy in Britain in the name of Dr. Roger Mugford. He had been known to be the trainer of Queen Elizabeth’s Welsh Corgis.

Toys and treats are essential props into having your dog experience its first try with the HALTI. Allow your dog to sniff the collar a few times, and then follow it with a good treat. After a few minutes of sniffing and playing with the collar always on your grasp, you may proceed to gently slipping the collar over the dog’s muzzle and lock the clip behind the dog’s head. Quickly get the dog’s attention by giving it some more treats. Let the collar stay on for a maximum of five minutes. Don’t attach the leash yet. Your objective at this point is to have your dog get used to the feel of the collar on its head. Do these sessions several times in a few days within the comforts of your home and yard. When you notice later that your dog looks fairly comfortable with the collar, you may attach the leash. At this point you will have your dog take a few walks around your house with the HALTI and leash attached to its head.

By the time you observed that your dog is well adapted with the HALTI, this is now the perfect time to resume your regular walks outside your house’s vicinity.

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