Sugar Glider Colors Explained

Sugar glider colors occur in every shade imaginable. From completely colorless Albino gliders to the darkest Black Beauty creatures, the variety of options is astounding. The striking nature of many of these options can affect both availability and pricing. A description of several variations follows.

  • Albino – The animal is pure white with no stripes or other markings. The eyes and ears are pink.
  • Creamino – A completely pale glider with faint stripes and red eyes.
  • Leucistic (also known as Black Eyed White) – A pure white creature with inky black eyes.
  • Mosaic – There are several possibilities for the pattern. It has a cream colored body with a variety of different markings. Ringtail and Platinum are examples.
  • Champagne – The body is light silver to light cream. It has a maroon dorsal stripe that fades out before it reaches the tail.
  • Calico – These gliders have a light body ringed with bands of any subdued color.
  • White Face – A normally marked creature with a primarily light colored face and no under eye stripes. The main shade for the body can be Blonde, Gray or Cinnamon.
  • White Tip – This animal has normal gray markings with a chalk colored tip on the tail.
  • Buttercream – The fur is mainly a creamy brown with a yellowish face and brown to red striping.
  • Lion – Golden honey colors make up the base coat with dark brownish red features.
  • Cinnamon – A red body is marked with darker red stripes.
  • Classic Gray – Medium gray fur is adorned with darker gray striping.
  • Black Beauty – The dark gray base color is accented with heavy black rings around the eyes and under the ears.

Choosing the sugar glider colors you like best can be one of the most fun things about picking a sugar glider. Whatever color you choose, though, it will not affect the joy that comes from having a soft, affectionate pet.

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