Sugar Glider Babies – A Precious Joy

In the wild, sugar gliders live in the forests from Australia, Tasmania, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. They are nocturnal animals, in the time of the day they sleep in their nests and at night they feed with insects, small vertebrates and sweet sap of eucalyptus, gum trees and acacia. In a nest, they live more adults together with young.

In the last time, they have been kept as pets. It is not simple to tame a mature sugar glider; however it is simple to tame a baby   who is very young. The taming of a yang requires a lot of time and patience. It tend to bond to one person who held and spent more time with its. It is very active and social and do not like to be alone. For this reason, if you want to be the owner of this pet, plan to have more sugar glider babies. A lonely animal, which is deprived of social interaction, become depressed and it, is in danger to die. These animals need to be treated with very much love, patience, respect and gentleness.

In the wild, females have one or two litters in a year. In captivity, they can have twins or triplets.  Gestation period is 16 days, after which the baby will crawl into a pouch of the mother. The baby will stay there about 60 to 70 days. A mother can be pregnant while her babies are still in pouch. It is necessary about two months for the offspring to be weaned off their mother and about four months until they will be on their own. The male reach sexual maturity at age of 4–12 months while female reaches sexual maturity between 8–12 months.
Outside Australia, where they are protected by law and it is illegal to capture and to keep them, the sugar gliders are popular pets in many countries.

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