Stop Your Dog’s Barking

Barking can become a nuisance if not taken care of for both you and your neighborhood. You may not be particularly annoyed when your dog barks but I can guarantee you that at least one of your close neighbors will be. This is especially true if you live in an apartment building. Just like you might be annoyed when someone turns their music up too loud, it is harder to notice if you are the one doing it.

A problem with a barking dog can be solved in many different ways. One quick and easy way to to get a citronella dog collar. This collars go on your dog just like a normal dog collar except when the dog barks they get sprayed with a little bit of citronella spray. It is the same stuff in Avon’s Skin So Soft we use to repel mosquitos so it is harmless to your dog unlike shock collars which you would never put on yourself. All it takes is a few times for your dog to realize that their barking is what is setting off the citronella dog collar and they will stop.

Another helpful trick to curb your dog’s barking is to crate train them with a cover on their crate. Dog crate covers create a soothing environment for your dog and help the feel safe and protected as well as cozy so they can sleep. Dog crate covers are available in pretty much every size and even can be custom made from the fabric of your choosing. When your dog feels like their crate is their nest they will want to go into their crate and not bark when you leave them in their crate if you need to leave your house.

If you want a peaceful neighborhood make sure your dog is quiet and your neighbors will be quiet as well.

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