Soft Carriers Mean A Happy Pet

Pets are a large part of life. They give companionship, comfort, love and security to the owners. They love to go with their owners as well just like children. This is why there are a number of pet accessory manufacturers that create many ways in which to take pets along and keep them safe and comfortable as well.

Pet carriers used to be boxes made of hard plastic with metal grates for the opening and gate. Though this style is still acceptable it may not be as comfortable or warming as other options. Soft pet carriers are the latest fashion for smaller pets such as chihuahuas, Yorkshires, terriers and the like. Cats also prefer a softer bed to travel in during car rids to the vet or just to take them on a bike ride through the park.

These fashionable items come in a variety of colors and materials. Some are quilted with a mesh front that allows the pet to see. They usually zip closed so there are no free standing steel prongs that could possibly hurt the dog if hitting a bump while driving. Others are lined with faux fur or have sheep wool inside to maintain warmth in the back of a truck.

The soft pet carriers are great for just about every trip. They can be used for taking onto planes in some cases as carry on luggage. It is much better for being stored in the plane cargo area too as it gets rather cold. Bus trips are also made more comfortable for the pet. For those who have larger dogs there are a few companies that carry padded, soft covered, steel framed pet carriers as well. Making the sheep dog, Labrador or Rottweiler feel safer without having them lay on the frame is a great thing that pet owners can do for their dogs and other pets. I have a small dog and I travel with him a lot using a dog backpack carrier. He seems to love the comfort of it.

All soft pet carriers can be found at any number of pet supply stores or at a local department store. They are a great investment and most are washable for the convenience of the owner and pet alike.

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