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The Importance of Size and Height for a Wire Hamster Cage

If you’re planning to buy a wire cage with a plastic base for your hamster, two important considerations are the overall size and height of the cage you buy. Overall Size One thing you should remember when buying a wire hamster cage is that hamsters need a lot of space to run around and do […]

Are You Looking for Bunny Cages?

If you are the proud owner of a new bunny, then you definitely need to consider having a look at the different bunny cages out there. Bunnies are playful, curious animals and a great addition to a family, even when other pets like cats or dogs are present. They can be allowed to freely run […]

Indoor Rabbit Cages

(Katelyn Lee) Many people see rabbits as pets traditionally kept outdoors. In reality, having your bunny in your house is safer and healthier for your furry friend. There are many types of indoor rabbit cages available, and it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect one if you only know the right information. Hutches […]

Why Guinea Pig Runs Are Essential For Your Pets

Guinea pig runs are a safe and easy way to take your guinea pigs outdoors and allow them to run and have fun without having them escape, eat your prized flowers or get lost. A typical guinea pig run is made up of a lightweight wooden box, with wire mesh in between sets of struts. […]

How to Clean Indoor Rabbit Cages

A common concern regarding cleaning a rabbit’s cage is usually the frequency: “How often should I do so?”  Well, think about it this way. How long would it take you to flush a toilet? You would do it as soon as possible, right? This toilet-flushing principle applies to your pet’s cage as well, but since […]

Reasons why large indoor rabbit cages are essential for rabbits

Rabbits are so much fun to have at home. Their friendly nature, cute and innocent appearance, and curious personality make them enjoyable to look at by their owners. Compared to cats and dogs, they are easier to take care of. The only thing that you will have to seriously focus on is their habitat. The […]

How to create an indoor rabbit cage

A rabbit is one of the most wonderful creatures to be ever considered as pets. To have a rabbit in our homes entails some essentials in ensuring that the rabbit has a habitat conducive to its biological make-up and needs. Rabbits are generally easy to take care of, are sweet to children and adults as […]

Factors to look out for when buying an indoor rabbit cage

Indoor rabbit cages are good options for rabbit owners who don’t have the luxury of a yard outside the house. The good thing about having the rabbit housed within your home is you will not bother about having the cage to be made of sturdy materials strong enough to withstand various weather elements. You will […]

Indoor rabbit cage specifications and related accessories

Compared with pet dogs or cats, rabbits are generally easy to look after. They do not need lots of vaccinations provided that its cage is sanitized every once in a while. This leads us to the fact that you will need large cages as much as possible to house your pet rabbit. Read further to […]

Where to find indoor rabbit cages for sale

Rabbits are one of the very well-known pets to have at home. Due to their cute physical appearance, many children would love to have them in their rooms. Similar emotions are also manifested in adults. They are treated like stress-relievers, just like the sociable cats and dogs, because they are playful, they like to be […]

How to make a good choice with large indoor rabbit cages

Rabbits are definitely nice pets to have at home. Their innocent looks, attractive colors, expressive eyes, and playful personalities allow any member of the home to have fun looking at them which could account for some stress at work or at school to temporarily fade away. With a carefully thought out method and schedule of […]

Indoor Rabbit Cages: Requirements, Styles, and Other Additional Accessories

One of the most lovable animals to have as pets in the house is a rabbit. Breeding of rabbits began in the 19th century for the purpose of rabbit shows in the United States and Western Europe. If you are new to rabbits but are so interested to have them as a pet, make sure […]

Guinea pig runs recommendations on size, materials, and maintenance

Being active species in the order of rodents, guinea pigs should be provided with a wide cage that will allow them to satisfy their bodily needs of daily exercise and exploration. They do not really require a cage that is similar to living in the outdoors or in the wild because they are most confident […]

To buy or make a guinea pig run

Part of being a responsible pet owner is to provide a comfortable home fitting and suitable for the lifestyle and scientific make-up of your pets. Although it is basic that the best thing to lengthen their lives is to treat them like humans, there are some areas in their biological structure that calls for a […]

A guinea pig run for the health and social well-being of your cavies

The basic rule in providing a guinea pig run for your pet guinea pigs is space area and length. Believe it or not, some guinea pig aficionados will even have an entire room for their pets just so they have a wide space and more room for exercise. The purpose of a larger cage is […]

Maintaining health of a cavy with a guinea pig run

A guinea pig run is a more complex cage for guinea pigs. A longer lifespan for guinea pigs is possible when they are housed at a large cage which will allow them to exercise and explore within their cages. This is a perfect opportunity for a pet lover to challenge his creative and wild side […]

How a guinea pig run should be prepared

Guinea pigs are lovable creatures to have as pets at home, but compared to other rodents ideal for a home setting they have intricate and complex requirements for their habitat. They are also sociable pets which mean their physical and emotional well-being should be nurtured by the company of fellow guinea pigs and a little […]

The importance of guinea pig runs

Guinea pig runs are an integral part of a guinea pig’s day because they are biologically in need of regular exercise. Unlike other species of rodents, their bodies need constant motion to resist illnesses common in their species when not provided with a habitat that allows them to hop, jump, climb and run. When deciding […]

An Analysis on the Importance of Guinea Pig Runs in Relation to the Characteristics and Historically Scientific Influence of Guinea Pigs

A guinea pig run is an important requirement in the life of a guinea pig, also known as a cavy. It is simply a cage for the cavy that has equipments inside which allow it to move, run, play and jump around in its small home. It is usually a bigger cage, one that is […]

Basic information About the Robo Dwarf Hamsters

Under the group of dwarf hamsters are three species: Campbell Russian Hamster, White Winter Russian Hamster, and the Roborovski Dwarf Hamster. This article will focus largely on the Robo Dwarf Hamsters. They originated from Western and Eastern Mongolia, as well as Northern China. In the 1960’s they were imported into the United Kingdom by the […]

Types of Russian dwarf hamsters and how to care for their babies

Dwarf hamsters are also known to be commonly housed at homes as pets next to the Syrian hamsters. The dwarf has two common types of species. One is the Dwarf Campbells Russian Hamster that originated in parts of grassy prairielands and semi-deserts of Central Asia, Mongolia, and some provinces in Northeastern China where they are […]

Basic facts of the White Winter Dwarf Hamsters

One species of dwarf hamsters is that of Phodopus sungorus, or the White Winter Dwarf Hamster. It belongs to the same group as that of Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamster. It is native to Eastern Kazakhstan and Southwest Siberia, and they live amongst grasslands. Between the Campbell and Roborovskii, the latter is the lesser common species […]

Dwarf Hamster Health Issues

Owning a dwarf hamster as a pet is both fun and challenging. They are very tiny, cute, clean, playful, and innocent-looking rodents that are so nice to have at home.  At most times when we decide to get ourselves a pet, we are so good at ensuring a comfortable home for them, a good supply […]

The differences between dwarf hamsters and Syrian hamsters

In the world of hamsters, the two most common species to be made as pets are the Syrian hamsters and dwarf hamsters. It is important that you get some basic knowledge on these pets before deciding to buy one. Buying just for the reason of getting a pet, or because you find them very cute […]

A little history of the Russian dwarf hamster

There are two types of Russian dwarf hamsters: the Dwarf Campbell Russian Hamster and the Dwarf Winter White Russian Hamster. Both of them belong to the genus Phodopus under the subfamily that embodies all species of hamsters, Cricetinae, of the super family Muroidea that envelope the one large group of rodents in the animal kingdom. […]

Dwarf Hamsters: Understanding Scientific Classification, Characteristics, and Their Species

In the study of animals, it is important for a lay person to understand the basic scientific terms associated in the quest of fully understanding the concept of one animal. For example, when we speak of insects, there are many insects around that are similar with or differing to other forms of insects.  As for […]

Black Bear Hamster Information: what makes them healthy and some matters for concern

You now have an appropriate place for your black bear hamster with a pen made of glass, plastic or metal so the cage is slippery and will keep the hamster from climbing over. You made sure that the bottom does not have any holes which might make them escape and the pen is high enough […]

Types of coats commonly seen among black bear hamster pictures

When you desire to get yourself a hamster for a pet, you surely would like to take a look at some black bear hamster pictures over the Internet which is the most popular species of pet hamsters. They are descendants of well-bred Syrian hamsters that have undergone black mutation in the 1980’s and were later […]

A summary of black bear hamster info

A black bear hamster is a mutated breed of the Syrian golden hamster, known to be first discovered in the deserts of Syria in 1839. However, the black bear was first mutated in 1985 in France and was later exported to many parts of the world. Today, it is the most popular breed of hamsters […]

Black bear hamster pictures: what they don’t tell you about their true nature

Black is oftentimes associated with anything evil or dark. We rarely see children own pets that are of black colors, like a dog or a cat. It is usually awesome to have a white or brown dog, and not too much a black dog, except when you are an adult and you like a German […]

Common attributes of European black bear hamsters

European black bear hamsters and the Syrian black bear hamsters are one and the same. In order to avoid the confusion, take note that with hamsters there are a total of 25 species grouped into 6 categories. They are products of black mutations coming from the originally Syrian golden hamster, and so the black bear […]

Black Bear Hamster Info

Hamsters are rodents which belong to the subfamily Cricetinae that has a total of six genera (plural for genus, a class or group with common features). These six genera are known as the following: Allocricetulus, Cansumys, Cricetulus, Cricetus, and the two most common genera, Mesocricetus or the golden hamsters, and Phodopus or the dwarf hamsters. […]

Black Bear Hamster: Origins, Characteristics, Lifestyle, and Health

Hamsters are tiny creatures that belong to the rodent family. They belong to the large and complex super family of rodents Muroidea, which includes the following: Hamsters– rodents popularly kept as household pets Voles– those resemble a mouse but with a stouter body, also known as field mice. Lemmings– small, herbivorous rodents found in or […]