Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Now a days many of the dog owners are troubled due to separation anxiety in dogs. If you are noticing unusual behavior in your dog, there are chances that it is suffering from separation anxiety. However, there is nothing to worry. With proper medication and training it can be treated easily. So, at this stage the first thing you need to do is to do a thorough inspection of different symptoms in your dog’s behavior and make sue whether it is a separation anxiety or something else. Then depending on the symptoms and the breed of your dog you can go for dog separation anxiety cure. Few of the common signs of dog separation is given below.

Most of the common symptoms observed in a dog with separation anxiety are destructive behavior, chewing, licking, excessive barking, panic attacks, digging etc.

When you get ready to go out, you may observe these behaviors to be predominant. It starts barking and crying with anxiety. If this is familiar to you, your dog may be suffering from separation anxiety.

Now, when you come back home you might notice your dog greeting you with over excitement. It treats you in such a way as if you were missing for a long time. It may follow you everywhere you go. This is a very common result of separation anxiety in dogs.

But, once you go inside your house you see a mess created by your dog when you were outside. You may feel that your dog has been engaged in destructive behavior, have displacement things, chewed some of the items, and urinated on the floors. This is the result of the anxiety and stress which it feels during your absence that causes it be involved in such destructive works.

Apart from that, symptoms like house soiling, licking, inappropriate urinating, escaping, excessive barking are seen to dominant in a dog with separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety in dogs can be cured if a proper strategy is followed. Depending on the severity of the problem and type of your dog you can go for proper medication and behavioral training to treat your dog.

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