Science Diet kitten food and its benefits

One of the most popular and trusted feline food products is the Science Diet kitten food. The first year of a cat need precise nutrition, and falling short of this requirement will basically be unhealthy for your pet. Providing your kittens with the right nutrition from birth to first year is a vital step in ensuring that you have reared a healthy, active, strong and fit cat in the future.

There are plenty of brands in the market that give you a wide selection of kitten foods which you will probably be looking at when your kittens will be reaching the fifth week. The fifth week is an ideal period to introduce them with solid food, although you may also gradually feed them at the fourth week while they still nurse with their mother. Take note as well that taurine is an important compound that must be included in your kitten’s diet.  Cats cannot synthesize the compound, and a lack of it can result to eye problems leading to blindness. There are many factors that constitute to the overall health of cats, such as size, breed, and heredity. When you have not carefully assessed what works best for your kitten today in terms of diet by considering scientific facts, you are more likely to have a weak cat in the end.

Science Diet kitten food is an expert in providing quality kitten food with high regard to cats’ scientific make up and biological needs. Some of their products include the “Kitten Healthy Development” lines in canned preparations, with main ingredients such as the following: minced liver and chicken, ocean fish and rice, minced salmon, and minced turkey and giblets.

Science Diet prides itself of providing your pets numerous benefits required for optimal growth and development. Some of these are healthy immune system, proper brain and eye development, good bowel movement, proper development of vital organs, and accurate weight maintenance to avoid obesity.

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