Reasons why large indoor rabbit cages are essential for rabbits

Rabbits are so much fun to have at home. Their friendly nature, cute and innocent appearance, and curious personality make them enjoyable to look at by their owners. Compared to cats and dogs, they are easier to take care of. The only thing that you will have to seriously focus on is their habitat. The cage has to be larger in size. Small cages are not beneficial for the rabbit. The standard size for a rabbit cage is 24” by 36” and standing tall at 16 inches. However, you may always go for larger ones. This article will focus largely on the reasons why a large indoor rabbit cage is the best and ideal way to house your pet rabbit.

1.    Rabbits are generally curious. These creatures love to hop, run, and play around. They need extra space to exhibit their natural tendencies and behaviors as rabbits. Although domesticated rabbits have been bred to acquire the characteristics of a tamed animal, they still have innate instincts similar with rabbits of the wild, and that is to explore. However, it would not be wise to allow the rabbit to roam around the house instead of a cage because one of their pastimes is chewing. They might chew on electrical cords or poisonous materials around the house that might take their lives.

2.    Rabbits need exercise. You may have heard of some people as saying that it is difficult to have rabbits as pets because they are too sensitive and they easily die when kept in the house. It is never true. Some rabbit owners do not have enough knowledge on the natural needs of rabbits, such as a wide space and ample tools for a habitat. Exercises through running, hopping, and playing are important for the preservation of their health. Without exercise, they are prone to certain organ problems, as well as weak bones, easily infected skin, and deformed feet.

Although a large indoor rabbit cage is beneficial to the pet, you may give it supervised strolls every once in a while on grassy field outside your home just to improve its physical and mental well-being.

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