Protect your home from Muddy Paws in the Winter

Many families own dogs and throughout most of the year they can be a pleasure to own. Come the winter months though your four legged friend can become rather frustrating by making the task of keeping the house clean ten times harder. There are however certain measures that can be taken that will make your home far easier to keep clean and combat muddy paws.

One of the first things to put in place is a mat outside the back door. An door mat situated outside of the back door is a great place for paws to half dry off before coming in to the house. If you dogs are anything like mine then they will usually stand outside the back door waiting to come in. This is a great opportunity to absorb some of the mud and wetness of their paws.

Once they’ve stood outside for a few minutes it’s time to let them in. Ideally the first room that you let your furry friends in to should have a non porous floor – for example tile, a vinyl laminate or even wood. All of these non porous surfaces are easy to keep clean and all you need is a mop with a microfiber head. If the floor of your room is not like this though you may want to consider washable rug runners – these log and narrow rugs are really absorbent and will take most of the ‘outside’ of your dogs paws before they get in to your living room. A washable rug can be simply thrown in to an automatic washing machine and washed once or twice a week – no expensive dry cleaning and a cleaner house!

The final factor in saving your home from wear and tear is to protect high traffic areas from dirty paws. Using hard wearing rugs such as seagrass rugs will prevent areas of carpet become worn and dirty and will stop wooden floors from being scratched. Seagrass rugs were just one example of the type of rug you could use – any rug that is tightly wove and hardwearing is suitable for pet use.

If you follow these simple steps you can make your home a much easier place to keep clean from muddy winter pet paws!

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