Product Review: 4 Gallon Baby Biorb Fish Tanks

(Katelyn Lee)

Do you want a beautiful, easy to maintain alternative to the traditional fish tank? Then the Biorb Fish Tank may be the perfect fit for your home. However, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind before buying and setting up your new Biorb fish tank.

                One of the most important things to do before buying any fish tank is learning to set up a proper habitat. Go to your local library or bookstore or find a good fish enthusiast’s website and learn how to properly cycle a fish tank, fish care, and some common health problems and treatments. It is also important to learn how much space each species of fish needs.  The next thing that needs to be done is some planning and calculating. Decide where you will put your new four gallon Baby Biorb tank and supplies. The obvious next step is to buy your supplies and cycle your tank.

                So, you hit the books and cycled your tank, what next? Oh yes, fish! Fish compatible with a four gallon tank include: one Betta, two or three fancy tail male guppies, Zebra Danios, White Cloud Minnows, up to three or four Neon Tetras, three Kuhli Loaches, or a Tetra or two. You aren’t just limited to fish, though. You could select a few nice Cherry Shrimps, Fairy Shrimps or aquatic snails.


  • Looks gorgeous!
  • Can be bought with black or silver accents
  • Has plenty of room for a few small fish
  • Comes with  a lot of supplies for initial setup
  • Is easy to maintain
  • The 360 degree view is a nice way to keep track of your fish to watch at any time
  • Supplies such as heaters are all customized to specifically fit the Biorb models, so you will not have to make decisions on what brands of filters to buy or which heaters will be best. This is especially helpful because of the fact that there are virtually no supplies on the market to cater to rounded tanks
  • The accessories that are available are all very pretty


  • Filter is loud and may be a bother to some
  • Is advertised as being a good fit for a Goldfish, but it is absolutely not! Goldfish are, for all practical purposes, dirty fish. In a small tank they throw off the PH levels and kill the fish. Not to mention that Goldfish can grow to be a foot long and even as babies need more than twice the size of the biorb.
  • You are only able to buy accessories that are very specific to the Biorb brand and the selection is a bit limited
  • Ceramic media can be very sharp and tear fins
  • There isn’t a lot of ‘floor space’ so to speak
  • Biorb tanks and any supplies or accessories are pretty expensive

If you like the baby Biorb, consider buying the eight gallon and 16 gallon as well! The baby Biorb is an ideal tank to decorate any space with, and can be a great home for your fishy friends. You and your fish will love it!

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