Potty Patch – House Training Aid for Dogs

Potty Patch is the perfect restroom for your pets. The owners often find their favorite exotic and fancy carpets, couches and floors messed up by spots and stains and honestly, it makes harder to live with the pets. But the potty pads presented by the American Kennel Club helps you in keeping your home clean and pets happy.

The product is pet-friendly and there is no doubt that both you and your pet would love it. These interesting pads gives your pet the freedom to go wherever they need to go but at the same time ensuring the cleanliness and hygiene of the house. Potty Patch is made up of three tiers. The base of the pad consists of a collection tray that can hold up to a gallon of liquid so as to minimize the cleaning of the tray. A gate placed between the collection tray and top most artificial tray makes the contact between the two impossible. Lastly, the top most layer of soft artificial glass lets the liquid ooze into the collection tray while it also makes the pad appealing to the pets. The pads are easy to wash, just rinse them with soapy water and the work is done. Also, you can upgrade it to a plush bladed anti-microbial grass.

The Potty Patch could be used on patios and indoors and it is a great gift to those who have a high rise apartment. You can leave your pets indoor for the day and forget all your worries about your home and your little buddy in. These pads would protect your floors from your pets in cold weather when their tendency to relieve themselves increases. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate your pets well.

Gift your pets an indoor comfortable and enjoyable restroom and show it how much it means to you. A stylish and designed potty pad would you and your pet happy and satisfied.

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