Why Pet Life Insurance is Gaining Popularity

Barely some years back, pet insurance was not a huge priority for a lot of pet owners, let alone pet life insurance. The super-expensive annual payments pet owners were required to make for insuring their pets when weighed against the low likelihood of those same pets actually ever using the insurance made them very unlikely to invest in it. Nowadays, things are changing. New and innovative veterinary treatments available today encourage the investment in your pet’s insurance. If you are the type of pet owner that will move heaven and earth to save a suffering pet before ever entertaining the thought of having your dog or cat put down, pet insurance is definitely for you.

If you already have pet insurance, you may not need pet life insurance. Check your existing policy clause to see if end-of-life costs are covered. Pet life insurance is not similar to human life insurance. You do not get a payout when your pet dies, although there are special policies for expensive, highly valued show animals. What pet life insurance actually does, is help cover the costs associated with the end of your pet’s life, for instance if you choose to cremate your pet. Many policies offer additional services for pet owners, like counseling.

Before picking the first insurance company that appears on your Google search, you need to create a list. You must make sure that all the insurance companies on your list are registered. Then, you should call your vet’s office and ask about the insurance they accept. You should cross out any insurance companies on your lists that are not accepted by your vet. Now, you must review the policies offered by each company for your dog or cat. It is of utmost importance to make note of the deductibles, co-pays and caps that limit annual payouts in the event of your pet having an accident or falling sick. Some insurance companies only cover accidents, others will levy high surcharges if your pet is older than a certain age. Next you should shop around. Read reviews. Ask as many questions as it takes to find a good fit.

Find out about your employer’s policy on pet insurance, because in some cases pet cover may be included as an employment benefit. Ask if the insurance company offers a discount for insuring multiple pets. Ensure that your insurance policy is tailor-made for your pet. Purrfect Pet insurance was the first company to introduce pet life insurance. The company offers several plans to choose from. The plans offered include a death benefit from injury and death from illness, on the condition that pets covered are not older than 8 years. Pet life insurance will give you financial peace of mind if your pet passes away. Similar to regular insurance, pet owners choose an insurance plan and pay a monthly premium. Higher deductibles end up costing less. It is good thinking to combine your pet life insurance with other pet insurance plans, for instance medical insurance. This will allow for cheaper premiums. Choosing pet life insurance is however, a personal decision and depends entirely on you and your pet.



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