Pet Food Bowl Options

If you have a pet, you probably already have a bin or container for pet food storage. Occasionally pet food bowls and containers need to be replaced, especially if they are cheap plastic ones.   Plastic pet food bowls are cheap, but there are disadvantages to these. Not only can the dog chew on it and possibly hurt himself or herself with bits of plastic going through the digestive system, but they can easily tip over. The best pet food bowls are thick, heavy, flat ceramic bowls that are readily available at any pet store. Even the most playful dog will not knock these over. These heavy ceramic bowls cost less than $10 for extra-large bowls, and they last forever.

The other ideal option is to use a pet food storage dispenser that holds food and serves as a bowl as well. These dispensers are made in plastic, ceramic, or metal. They are all ideal, even for puppies or young dogs who chew because the dog cannot chew the dispenser since it is heavy and full of food. Such dispensers are made of heavy plastic, and they are priced from around $10 for basic models and go up to around $20 for ones with more fancy features. Ceramic dispensers are also available, but they can cost around $50 if they are designer styles. Some of the ceramic storage bin dispensers can break if they accidentally fall over while you are filling them with dog food. They can look very cute in your kitchen or room where you feed your dog. Some of them are painted with bones, have the word “Dog” on them or other designs.

If you look online at various websites that sell pet supplies, you can browse through several pages of pet food bowls and storage containers. You will find much more variety here than at your local pet store, so you may want to order online. Discount stores and supermarkets also usually carry several models of bowls, so you may want to check there as well. Even if you pay a bit more at the supermarket or at a discount store than online, you will save on shipping. This will make them around the same price.

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