New Bird Toys to Climb and Chew

Bird toys are not just a mirror with bells or a plastic ladder anymore, but are assemblies of string, plastic beads, wooden shapes and bells to keep your bird happy for hours. Some are large enough to climb or swing on if hung appropriately. The cotton or nylon rope can be shredded or the beads on the string manipulated by your bird. Wooden shapes, dyed using safe food colors, can be chewed or played with like beads on a string. All the time your bird is ding this, he is not pecking any other bird within reach and not pulling his own feathers out, a good thing.

The new pet bird toys are made in different sizes for different size birds. Thus, unless you bird likes to climb, a small bird gets a small toy. There is still plenty of stuff to play with, move and chew, but the size of the assemblage is suitable to the bird and the bird cage. Larger birds get larger bird toys, in that more rope and wood shapes are included in a toy that is longer from top to bottom. The individual components may not be any bigger, there are just more of them. If you have a small bird in a large cage, the larger toys may be appropriate, and delay having to get a new pet bird toy.

Once you see these new bird toys, at a store or online, not only will you want to get one or two for your bird, you may be inspired to get the bird toys supplies and build your own toys. Once you establish which parts your bird likes best, you can build custom birds toys. You may find that your bird does not play with the wooden shapes, and does not chew them. When you make your own bird toy, you can leave those out. Use them in a bird toy to give to someone else with a bird, and see if their bird likes the wood shapes.

Check out the new bird toys and see if you bird likes them. I bet he will. I do.

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