My Wallet Your Chew Toy

Having raised numerous litters of pups, nothing can be more challenging than aggressive chewers. Many will say that aggressive chewing varies with breed, nothing could be further from the truth. As pups all breeds learn this skill, it is a part of being a dog. The problem arises when the chewing becomes a constant habit, or worse an aggressive habit. There are various ways to rectify this issue. First you need to understand why your dog has chosen this outlet.

Some dogs like the Dachshund have separation anxiety, you should know your dog’s background. If this is the situation, your pup will likely find your personal items most comforting to chew on. Some may just be bored, if they are a breed that needs allot of exercise, waiting for you to get home from work can lead to some creative furniture designs by your dogs teeth. Could be your best friend is angry because you rushed out, ignoring the morning walk. Hence your bed pillows have become ducks attacked during the days hunt. If you have adopted a pet that has been reconditioned due to an abusive situation, you should speak to the veterinarian or trainer for specific reasons this behavior might redevelop.

Keeping in mind that behavior modification is the best place to start (your behavior, not that of the dogs) let’s set some quality time for you and your pup aside, this should be a daily ritual. Same time, same activity, every day. Just like brushing your teeth or eating breakfast, so should be the importance of your dog’s lifestyle.

The easiest and most fun way to transition your pups habit is with the use of dog toys for aggressive chewers. This will assist you both in exercise, give your dog something special that belongs to them, in turn saving you money, and supply that quality time you both need together. A recommendation from your local pet supply will help you chose the right toy for your dog.

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