MOHAWK USA litter pickers

Litter pickers are among the best known tools for picking up litter in a more effortless and stress-free way. In the past, trash was managed solely by hand which requires some bending over and the necessity to carry huge loads of garbage. You could just imagine how hard it must be for anyone in the past to perform their task in cleaning up their homes, streets, communities, and other larger spaces. However, today we have the luxury of highly advanced tools for an easier approach to litter picking. Some of them are manual or mechanical. Nevertheless, they are all comfortable to use and even makes the job a lot more fun especially when doing volunteer work in waste management with a group or with kids.

One company that manufactures high quality litter pickers in the United States is MOHAWK. It is a family run business with main office in Connecticut. It is a company that manufactures top quality and innovative industrial tools and accessories that help simplify and ease out daily tasks, just like their range of litter picker tools. Their product are shipped to 14 countries, and they have been a trusted supplier of many establishments such as national parks, restaurants, fruit tree owners, waste prevention groups, highway departments, stadiums, amusement parks, golf courses, and many others.

One of their products is known as the G4 Litter stick. It is a 40 inch aluminum shaft with a rubber grip handle. The bottom part of the stick has a sharp pint made of steel. It is similar to the traditional stick we had in the past; only now that is has a stronger construction due to the aluminum material. The G4 DOT Reacher is a lightweight pickup tool which has a lightweight aluminum shaft, high impact plastic handle, and the amazing two rubber cups at the bottom which work like hands that are able to pick up even bricks once you maneuver it. The G4 Trash Gator is similar with the Reacher, but its claws at the bottom are flatter that you are able to pick up the smallest of litters, like a candy wrapper.

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