Military Dogs and Warfare

It’s been a common saying that man’s best friend is his dog, but what many people don’t think of is that dogs are often more than just friends, they are protectors, attackers and rescuers in dire times. For hundreds of years dogs have been used in military operations, wars and search and rescue missions due to the fact that their power, speed and intelligence can prove a valuable asset in these circumstances.

History has many examples of dogs being used in cases of warfare. Henry VIII sent 400 fighting dogs to support Spain in a war. Napoleon made use of dogs for fighting alongside his reserve forces. The Belgian army used canines to pull their heavy artillery to the front of army. There are even ancient murals depicting fighting dogs used in Roman and Greek battles.

Recently dogs have been involved in more than just fighting duties for wars. They’ve been trusted with important messages to be delivered across dangerous territory. Certain dogs have been trained to sniff out and locate snipers as well as to find wounded and lost soldiers, sometimes behind enemy lines. As a side note, many dogs were used as a mascots for the bravery, loyalty and support.

To create an effective military dog aggression training or attack dog training is required. There were many different forms of training for military dogs depending on if they would be used for tracking and detection, as sentry dogs, or to take down enemy soldiers. Some people estimate that sentry dogs saved over 10,000 U.S. Lives in Vietnam. A canine nose is much better equipped to pick out certain smells and alert soldiers.

In the modern age, many law enforcement agencies make use of dogs for their sense of smell and train-ability. Police guard dogs are used to detect illegal narcotics, or too intimidate and sometimes track down criminals. Dogs can also be trained to detect and locate explosives which makes them ideal for preventing crime before it happens.

Dogs have a long and storied history through civilization. It’s estimated they’ve been used for over 2,000 years for companionship as well as for specific duties. They’ve proved themselves loyal over and over again so many times that many shrines and murals have been dedicated to dogs. Some canines have even received military honours, medals and burials for their services. Dogs have long been some of the most courageous and fearless animals and it is always worth the time to appreciate them just a little bit more.

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