Making Healthy Dog Treats for Your Dog

Making sure you have healthy dog treats that will meet your dogs nutritional needs while still being a snack he can enjoy is very important. Many people make their own dog treats recipes with the nutritional advice of their veterinarian and a little creativity.

Making your own food or treats for your dog is a great way to monitor exactly what your pet is eating. Another positive aspect is never having to worry about the harmful additives in commercial dog food.

The amount of recipes that you can seek out or make on your own with a little nutritional guidance is endless, and your dog will be sure to love them. The first thing to decide is what types of foods you want to combine to make the tastiest, healthiest treat possible.

Nobody would purposely hurt their pet. When making your own custom dog treats or food you must be very careful with the ingredients you use to ensure the animals safety.

Do a thorough investigation to ensure that everything put in to your dogs treat is safe for a K9 to digest. Also make sure that nothing you plan on feeding him goes against any nutritional advisories or allergic reactions of your pet.

Perhaps the most dangerous food for a dog is chocolate. Any amount of chocolate ingested by a dog can be very toxic or even fatal. Chocolate contains a chemical known as theobromine. This compound does terrible amounts of damage to the insides of your dog – be sure to avoid any type of chocolate.

Onions can also be very harmful for an animals digestive system. Onions cause harm to the red blood cells of a dog and can also cause anemia.

Uncooked eggs, grapes, raisins, and avocados are all harmful ingredients to consider adding to your home-made doggy meal. Any small bone, especially chicken bones, can easily cause a dog to choke and should be entirely removed from any meal involving meat. Remember to never use any form of alcohol when cooking a meal for your dog – this can often times cause fatal reactions.

Just as in humans, every dog is different when it comes to what is or is not healthy for them. Many dogs face certain conditions such as kidney disease that can make an ordinarily healthy meal extremely dangerous. A diet with too much protein is extremely damaging to a dog with kidney failure. Find out all you can about your dog and any condition he might have before deciding a diet that would be the most beneficial.

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