Make Your Own Chihuahua Clothes

There is certainly no shortage of clothing options for small dogs and Chihuahuas. But have you thought about making your own? For those with a little know how or creative flair, or even just wanting to give something new a go, this could be a great project.

Making clothes for your pet can really help show their personality, as well as protecting them from the weather. If you are ready to start making clothes for your pet there are many places you can find discount fabric online.

Creating your own Chihuahua clothes allows you to fit the clothes to your own pet rather than have them fit into the mould of someone else’s. Often store brought pet clothes can fit in some areas of your pet’s body and not in others. It is most important that they are comfortable, and how much more comfortable can you get than tailor made Chihuahua dog clothes?

There are lots of different ways to go about this and once you’ve started you’ll no doubt come up with ideas yourself.

A really simple first project is to make a sweater vest using the sleeve of an old sweatshirt or kid’s sweatshirt. Cut the entire sleeve off the sweatshirt and then down the seam, but don’t cut through the cuff, leave that intact. Careful pull your cuff over your dogs head to ensure it fits well as a collar and mark where you will make holes for his arms. Remove the sleeve and cut the arm holes then hem all the cut edges. Sew on a button or suitable clasp to secure the sweater vest. This can all be done without a sewing machine but takes a little longer doing it by hand.

Perhaps look online or at a sewing shop for cute dolls clothes or patterns for dolls clothes. You could either cut up existing clothes then tailor them to fit your little friend. Alternatively you could find a pattern that is similar in size to your Chihuahua and make it using a fabric that you think suits their personality, and is warm. The same pattern can be used over and over again with different fabrics and you can tweak the design to suit. Fabric pens and other embellishments can be used to accessorize or decorate your outfit.

Even if you are completely inexperienced with sewing or tailoring this is worth trying just for the fun of it!

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