Maintaining health of a cavy with a guinea pig run

A guinea pig run is a more complex cage for guinea pigs. A longer lifespan for guinea pigs is possible when they are housed at a large cage which will allow them to exercise and explore within their cages. This is a perfect opportunity for a pet lover to challenge his creative and wild side in the attempt to provide his pet guinea pig with a livable space in his home.

Of course, when you provide a large cage for the pet, you have to make sure that it is not empty inside. This is when you will need to purchase lots of accessories and toys, but not too much that will restrain it from plainly running from one corner to the next. It is just like creating a miniature playground within the cage. You may have some small boxes, tunnels, inclined planes, mini-hiding cages, and similar stuffs that will make the cavies get the run of their lives in such a wide and playful space.

There are pet shops that specialize in the sale of guinea pig runs. You may get a fair price for a cage which has everything you need for your pet, and all you need to do is assemble it in your home. Another alternative would be to make it on your own. Wood, hammer, nails, wire mesh, plastic mesh, toys, hide box, hinges are just some of the materials and tools you would need to create a personalized guinea pig run.

The next thing you might be wondering after completing your guinea pig run is what to feed your guinea pigs. There are articles on the Web that speak of which toys you can provide for your pet cavies. Aside from a wide area and exercise-friendly atmosphere in their cage, all they need to play with is their food. So you must have a fair supply of fresh green grass to be included in their daily diet. Other than grass, you can also give them cabbages, turnips, and carrots.

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