What Do Magnetic Pet Doors Have to Offer You?

More often than not, our pets have to conform to our schedules and wait until we have a minute to let them out, or let them back inside the house. Tentative steps were taken in the past to solve this problem by inventing pet flaps, to allow pets in and out whenever they wanted. The problem with this seemingly perfect solution was that pet flaps let in other animals, sometimes dangerous ones like snakes. Aside from that, they let in wind, rain, snow and leaves.

Magnetic pet doors are today’s solution to these problems. A magnetic pet door kit includes an all-weather flap, two magnetic keys, and three settings plus the default setting. The keys are fitted onto your pet’s collars. Magnetic pet doors use a 9-volt battery, not included in the kit, so a spare battery is advised. Also on offer is the magnetic wood- fitting door, which, while similar to an electronic door, eliminates the problems of the battery dying or power failure. The principle behind it is that multi-magnets open and close the hatch for the pet to pass. These doors are made of strong polycarbonate, and their all-weather flaps and seals prevent the wind, rain or snow from blowing into the house. They also come with four settings that help you to control your pet’s movements: In, Out, Only in, or Locked.

Whether your pets want to go outdoors, or come back inside, with the minimum of fuss, the magnetic pet door smoothly and automatically opens to give them access and shuts firmly behind them. No other animal will be able to sneak into your home without they key to the door. This is also the ideal solution when you want to allow outdoor access to say, your dog, but not your cat. If you have a baby at home that could possibly attempt to crawl outside through the flap, the magnetic pet door will not open. Mainly, it is perfect for those of us who are tired of getting up at odd hours when we should be sleeping to let out their loudly barking or crying pet. Before getting a magnetic pet door installed, you need to measure your pet, or pets. The flap needs to be big enough for your largest pet to be able to move comfortably through it. A good estimate is about 2 inches wider than your largest pet, on either side. As well, if your pet is still growing and likely to become bigger in the future, you need to take that into account. Your pets will definitely need a little bit of training so they can comfortably use the magnetic pet door by themselves.

A really big advantage in having a magnetic pet door, as opposed to an electronic pet door, is that it is not power dependent, so if there is power failure, your cat or dog will not be locked outside in the rain. Ultimately, investing in a magnetic pet door will allow your pets unlimited freedom, and give you some peace of mind.


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