How litter picker tools came about in the society

Litter picker tools are great accessories in our society. No matter how technologically advanced the world has become, these devices have become a staple at homes, neighborhoods, amusement and sports establishments, and just about any place that need to be in constant monitor against “eyesore” trash. They come in different styles: from aluminum sticks that can stab on trash, to handles with large rubber claws at the bottom that can grip the toughest objects, to flat claws which can pick up the smallest of junks.

Just how did these tools come about? What were the litter picker tools to have ever been created and patented in the country? Before we proceed with that, let’s take a quick review on how applications for patents are processed. Patents cover a variety of products that change the course of history which cause minor or major impacts in the society. Litter picker tools go through the same processes, and a little later you will see in the article some of those products that have been patented.

In layman’s terms, a PATENT is a right granted to an individual who invents or discovers a product (or, for the benefit of this article, a “machine” or “device”) which is new or has some improvements of an existing, similar product. That right prohibits anyone from making and selling a replica of that product for a period of twenty years, and the inventor has exclusive rights to manufacture, market, and sell that product. A patent is granted and governed by the national government as well as international treaties. Exclusive rights of the inventor start from that date the application of patent was filed,

With regards to the invention of tools for the purpose of making the litter picking task a lot easier and stress-free, here are just some of the products that were patented from as early as the 1950’s.

Inventor: Bryan Thompson. Houston, Texas
Filed: August 12, 1953
Patented: August 12, 1957

This tool was an improvement of the inventor’s earlier patented invention. This was a tool manually operated by a person standing straight to collect any pieces of litter such as leaves, papers, and others. The operator will only have to hold its handle, and its prongs at the bottom part of the stick will collect the trash. In order to get rid of the trash the operator will need to squeeze the grip member to pivot the grip member about the pin. Anyone who uses this can collect trash without bending over or having to pull the trash from the sharp prongs which can become hazardous.

Inventor: John King. Arkansas City, Kansas
Filed: October 1, 1954
Patented: July 23, 1957

When the paper picker was created, what the inventor had in mind was the discomfort it causes by using hands when picking up junk paper. At that time a paper pickup stick was being used and people had to make precautions in avoiding the tang (or sharp point at the tip of the stick) of the pickup while pushing the trash it has tabbed on to a garbage can by hand. The purpose of this invention was to provide a way for collecting trash or paper on a group of numerous tangs without stooping or squatting, and at the same time to be able to remove the trash without pulling it out by hand. The operator will only have to rotate a lever to get rid of trash. To bring it back to the original position he only has to eject the lever.

Inventor: Verti Mesrobian. Detroit, Michigan
Filed: June 30, 1970
Patented: January 11, 1972

This one was a leaf picking device that allows the operator to pick up leaves in bulk at a time. The user will have to clamp down the picker plate of the tool and its spikes can collect a large number of leaves. Then the tool will get rid of the leaves to be transferred to a container just by stripping them off with the stripper plate with some pull wires.

Inventor: Camille Rocquin. Metairie, Louisiana
Filed: May 23, 1983
Patented: March 5, 1985

The device has a handle on one end, and its bottom part has a pointed tip plus a sleeve which is connected with the shaft that causes automatic removal of debris and other forms of trash. The pointed tips are interchangeable, and the tool has a lock and release device which can be done in a single handed operation.

Inventor: Albert Pacione. Englewood, Florida
Filed: October 17, 1988
Patented: March 20, 1990

Moving forward to the more modern inventions, we have the LITTER PICKER. The invention is a device for picking up litter which has at least one spike at the bottom part of the tool to do the job in picking up litter, with a spring biased knock-off plate which can be moved in order to get rid of the litter from the spike. The device’s shaft was similar to a roller-sponge mop, but has one sharp spike at the tip instead of the mop.

Inventor: Ming-Ching Wei. Taichung, Taiwan
Filed: September 11, 2000
Patented: July 10, 2001

This is now the more popular litter picker tool that has a pistol grip, extension rod, fixed tube, movable tube, two claws, two link members, and a pull cord. This product is among those marketed by MOHAWK USA. Perhaps the most visible feature of this product is the set of two claws. The claws usually have rubber materials to allow for a smooth and stress-free handling of litters that are not limited to papers, plastics, or leaves, but also to bigger objects like a 2 liter plastic bottle or an 8 ounce container made of breakable glass.

There you have some of the litter picker devices ever recorded in the United States Patent Office. Surely, more will come as the minds of ingenious people will continue to look for something unique and yet unaddressed by current inventions.

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