Indoor rabbit cage specifications and related accessories

Compared with pet dogs or cats, rabbits are generally easy to look after. They do not need lots of vaccinations provided that its cage is sanitized every once in a while. This leads us to the fact that you will need large cages as much as possible to house your pet rabbit. Read further to learn the basic indoor rabbit cage specifications and other tools that will make the living of your rabbit comfortable and safe.

Size is of the utmost importance. Rabbits are generally curious and playful, so they would need a lot of space to play, roam, run, and hop around. The height has to be 16 inches tall. This allows the rabbit plenty of room to sit tall without its ears getting bumped on the cage’s roof. The standard size of the cage in the market is at 24” by 36” and a height at 40 centimeters, but you may always go bigger than that. Bigger is always better, as long as you can spare time to sanitize the entire cage on a weekly basis. Larger rabbits that are more than 8 pounds are best to be housed in a cage with measurements of 30” by 36” with a height of 46 centimeters.

A two level indoor cage would also be nice to have, connected by a ramp that the rabbit can climb to. The best design for a cage is a fair combination of wood and stainless wires. The flooring should be a solid wood. Don’t go for the wire mesh floorings because they are not good for the rabbit’s feet. Sliding doors are best so it is easy for the rabbit to hop in and out when it is time for you to clean the cage.

Rabbits love to chew, so make sure you have lots of chew toys for it. Water bottle and a deep plastic bottom for its hay complete the basic essentials in its cage.

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