Improving Your Life And The Life Of Your Pet With A Pet Playpen

Many owners and pets with problems living together could benefit from a pet playpen. These small, portable fencing devices allow owners to block off access to dangerous areas, set up a specialized housing area for a house rabbit, or help to keep a puppy out of trouble and in sight.

Most playpens are made from metal or plastic fencing materials, which are in square or rectangle sections and are held together with hinges of some kind. There are small ones with only four sides that make a single shape, or bigger ones with multiple sides that can make many different shapes. Adding additional pens and hooking them together can make larger enclosures.

The height of the pen you choose will depend on its purpose. Very short pens are made to allow small animals to run outside their cages but still in a controlled space, but these are inappropriate for any animals that jump or climb. Guinea pigs are one of the few pets that can be effectively contained by these short pens.

Dog pens generally start at about twenty-four inches, and reach up to forty-eight inches high or so. Many or perhaps most dogs can jump at least some of these heights, though a lot of them do not bother. There are lids that attach to some models of pens, but if you need a lid to keep your dog in, you should be concerned that he or she might overturn it instead.

Introducing new dogs to the household, and allowing puppies to settle in without having free range of the home are the most common uses of a pet playpen. A spacious playpen set up with food, water, a bed, toys, and perhaps even papers or a litter box is a great place for a puppy to live when unsupervised during his or her first few weeks or months with you. Controlled access to the rest of the house will make it easier to teach good house manners, more quickly.

Pet playpens
are quite versatile in their uses, and people use them to do everything from fencing off entire rooms to keeping house rabbits. Keeping your pet safe and away from your valuables will ensure that you both have a better relationship, and less frustration with each other.

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